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The global requirement for patrol and surveillance of marine archipelagos, coastal and offshore waters to address illegal fishing and poaching, abuse of maritime resources and people related transgressions such as piracy and illegal migration is escalating exponentially.

In parallel, nation state resources to address this, primarily through maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) diminishes as most of the world’s fleet of MPA reach obsolesce. Replacement programmes are delayed through bureaucracy, conflicting demands from multiple users and indecision caused by the apparent plethora of options.

As a result, global abuse of international agreed conduct and standards is rampant and many Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and governmental agencies are deeply frustrated, as they are ‘blind’ to what is happening and impotent to address issues, even if known.

John Dalby
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Globalert has defined the best possible airborne platform equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated military grade sensors. This has resulted in the Globalert offering being the most effective (and, almost incidentally, the most cost-effective) solution to bridgeing a government’s defence capability gap, one of many applications for such a capability.

The Operations Directorate is backed up by highly qualified and specifically experienced flight crews and ground operations staff (including administration, tactical planning, analysis and the essential maintenance and repair functions – the latter ensuring minimum unproductive ground time for the aircraft as well as optimum systems efficiency).

MRM / Globalert has partnered with an aviation provider, enabling access to various aircraft to be deployed at (relatively) short notice dpending upon customer needs and timeframes for deployment.

Contact: David Axon
Mobile: +44 7740 923279

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